The Best Pub in Downtown La Crosse, WI

The Dublin Square Irish Pub is known to be the best Downtown La Crosse, WI restaurant there is in the La Crosse area. Being downtown in this area mean good Irish food, dancing, darts, and spending a relaxed evening with friends. Below you will find some reasons that you should spend your evenings, and even your afternoons in the best Downtown La Crosse, WI pub there is in the area, keep on reading for some reasons why.

This downtown La Crosse, WI restaurant is known for its darts, games, contests, and friendly service. If you are looking for great Irish food, that is traditional and based on the old times, then this is the place to get it. Of course, after you have had a few drinks with your friends, you may want a hamburger or other types of food and those are available as well.

Do you enjoy a laid back atmosphere in the place that you eat and drink? Well the Dublin Square Irish Pub is the best place to get that and more. Everyone who has any type of Irish in them knows that the more Irish in a pub the better. Of course, you might not run across any leprechauns in the place or any of the mythical creatures of Ireland but you can be sure that there will be some good Irish food, Irish tales, and Irish songs for you to get involved with on a daily basis.

Ireland is in the blood of many people with even a smidgen of Irish blood, so if you are looking for a place to hang out with people that are just like you, then you will want to heave over to this Downtown La Crosse, WI eatery for fun, spirits, and food that can’t be beat. Whether you are just passing through as a tourist or live in Lacrosse, WI on a regular basis, you will want to visit this eatery and pub. It may not be home like Ireland would be but you can be assured that it is a replica that you can enjoy anyway. Visit for more information!


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