Potluck vs. Catering: 4 Reasons to Cater to Your Next Corporate Lunch Event

Potlucks can be a fun way to show off your cooking talents, but catering can be a much better idea if you are inviting those above you. If you are planning a corporate lunch, here are a number of reasons to choose a Chicago corporate caterer over potluck.

Catering is More Professional

It gives a more professional impression if you have professionally made food from a restaurant catered. Inviting everyone to bring something that they made is exciting, but it also demands something of each attendant, which could be perceived as an imposition. It is better to order a professional caterer who can provide professionally-made food, as well as set up everything to look pristine and lavish, so that important guests will be impressed by your good taste. Even if the event is for employees only, they definitely deserve the VIP treatment.

You May Not Like What the Others Bring

It may not end well for you if you are trying one of the guests’ dishes and are compelled to blurt out “God, that’s disgusting!” Awkward. It is going to be a difficult potluck if you deem everything there inedible. This is another reason why corporate lunch catering would be a better choice. Order from someone who does this for a living, or, in the case of a restaurant, somewhere that is likely familiar to everyone so that each can choose something that they like. You also don’t have to worry about hurt feelings that may carry on into the workplace activities.

It is Much Easier

Not everyone has the aptitude for cooking, and some may forget to bring a dish in the case of a potluck. It is much simpler to call a catering service, and have them swing by with the food. It is more expensive, but this way, there is no worry of poorly prepared food, forgetting, or having to quietly spit the food out when no one is looking, because it is from a professional.

Catering can simply make your life easier for a corporate event. It is a stressful enough occasion, so it is better to take the cooking out of everyone’s hands and give it to a professional. It will give the impression of sophistication, as well as be more likely to be enjoyable, though potlucks can be fun. You should definitely consider catering if you have that crucial corporate lunch coming up soon. Browse website for more details.

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