4 Ways to Enjoy Craft Beer

Craft beer in NYC is getting more and more popular. These days, you’re more than likely to see a few in your favorite gastropub. It can sound snooty and intimidating, though, if you don’t know a thing about it. Before you order your first one, here are a few tips to help you enjoy drinking these brews like a pro.

Explore as many flavors as possible

Don’t get stick to one style and taste, the Beer & Brewing Magazine says. Explore all the possible flavors out there. That’s going to help you get a better feel for the kind of brew you want. One way to try this is to take advantage of the mixed cases. A lot of beer outlets allow you to mix and match your six-pack so start there. The next time you’re out with your friends, you’ll have a better handle on which styles of Craft beer in NYC are best for your taste and tolerance level.

Don’t shy away from canned options

A lot of craft brews are now available in cans. Don’t ditch a flavor or style simply because it’s only available in can. Try it out. The good thing is that, unlike a glass bottle, cans don’t allow any light that could harm the brew instead. That’s a definite point in favor of the can.

Branch out from high-alcohol beers

Stop thinking that the only brews that are worth it are high-alcohol beers. Try ordering session beers too. These are also delicious and with their lower alcohol content, allows you to try out more flavors without getting too tipsy in the process.

Be honest

You don’t have to like craft brew if it doesn’t do it for you. Maybe you love wine better. But trying out a drink that’s different from what you love and enjoy will help you expand your taste and preferences.

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