Many People Enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner at One of the Seafood Restaurants in Weston

Not everybody wants to cook a big meal on a holiday and have a bunch of people over for dinner. And not everyone gets along all that well with their close relatives, so they don’t really enjoy spending an entire afternoon with these family members on holidays.

Instead, a romantically involved couple or a group of friends might make reservations at one of the Seafood Restaurants Weston is known for. Many restaurants are open on Thanksgiving Day, responding to the demand from area residents who would like to celebrate without the hassle.

Restaurant Possibilities

A couple or several friends might choose a dining establishment such as Tarantella Ristorante & Pizzeria because this type of restaurant offers both a traditional Thanksgiving meal as well as the regular menu. Finding both options on a major holiday can be difficult. Yet while some individuals crave a full family-style dinner with turkey and all the side dishes, others would just as soon eat a favorite seafood meal or an Italian dish.


Thanksgiving has been an official national holiday in the United States since 1863 when President Abraham Lincoln declared it to be so. Historically, families and friends have gathered at someone’s home and made up enormous meals, leaving everyone satiated.

Why People Increasingly Eat Out on Thanksgiving

However, the event can be stressful for people who are at odds with their family or simply find it overwhelming to be with so many relatives for hours on end. Other people are far from home and cannot travel there for the holiday; they may have to work on Wednesday and Friday. Some individuals don’t even like the foods normally served for Thanksgiving and would just as soon have a meal at one of the Seafood Restaurants Weston has available.

In addition, a large number of workers put in a full day on Thanksgiving, and they appreciate being able to enjoy a holiday meal at a restaurant afterward. Nurses, radio announcers, retail associates and police officers are just a handful of examples. Many of them don’t mind working the holiday as they are paid extra per hour. Afterward, they relax with a glass of wine at a restaurant and enjoy a big dinner. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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