How to Plan a Day Around a Steakhouse Dinner

If you’re like most people, you head to the steakhouse as a special treat or to celebrate a big accomplishment. When you’re already planning a big outing, why not jazz it up a bit by making a day of it? Keep these considerations in mind when making your itinerary, and you’ll end up with a day to remember.

Wear Layers
If you plan an entire day around your meal, then chances are you’ll experience a range of different temperatures. During winter, the outside chill is bound to be much colder than indoor climes. In summer, the heat of the day will fade by the time you step outdoors after dinner. Come prepared and you won’t have to call it short on account of weather.

Consider Special Transportation
Nothing says “celebration” like a limo or a horse-drawn carriage. If these aren’t your style, you might rent a fun car for the day or borrow your friend’s sweet ride. Especially when trying to impress a lady, arriving at your various destinations in style helps turn “fun” into “totally awesome.”

Choose a Big Show
The phrase “dinner and a show” is almost cliché, but it contains truth. Nothing stokes your appetite like an awesome program. Whether Broadway, the circus or the Philharmonic are your speed, pick one with plenty of time to get to dinner after. Or plan for a late show and leave lots of room for a leisurely steak dinner.

Minimize Extra Stops
Don’t let the temptation to over-plan get the better of you. Minimize extra stops by having your cocktail hour in the steakhouse bar instead of elsewhere. It provides the enjoyment of an extra location without the travel time. If you don’t want to eat dessert right after your meal, order it to go and enjoy it on the waterfront, in a lovely park or even at home to celebrate a day out well done.

An evening at the steakhouse should be a grand event, so treat it as such. A few bells and whistles never hurt anybody, did they?


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