Changing Your Diet In A Healthy Way

Some people are allergic to gluten and have no choice but to purchase only gluten free foods in Atlanta GA, but others are choosing to purchase gluten free foods as a way to improve their health and lifestyle. Gluten free foods are foods that often will contain flour such as wheat, rye, barley and other types of flour. There are of course gluten free flours that you can purchase such as rice flour that you can still make some delicious breads and desserts from.

If you love bread, but have to follow a gluten free diet plan, don’t worry because there are still plenty of great breads and delicacies that you can eat that are gluten free foods in Atlanta GA. Because more and more people are adhering to a gluten free diet, there are a lot more recipes available on the internet and in cook books for delicious gluten free recipes. It certainly is a lifestyle change and you can’t just buy whatever you want at the average grocery store, but there are specialty stores that you can shop at that offer whole food, vegan food as well as gluten free food. These stores generally will only purchase food that has been grown organically and they try to purchase locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables as well as protein or meats that are grown organically and in a natural state are always gluten free and that is one easy way to know things that you can buy that will be gluten free. You can always cook with these basic ingredients and limit your flour intake to only those types of flour that are gluten free foods in Atlanta GA.

Many people who need to follow a strictly gluten free diet choose meals that combine a protein, fruit and vegetable at every meal and occasionally add in breads that are gluten free. You would be surprised how diversified your meals can be by using this combination of foods. For example, you could have a baked potato for your vegetable, BBQ chicken for your protein and a bowl of berries for your fruit.

There are also some great gluten free desserts that are available in whole food stores that you can purchase that can help to switch up your diet and give variety to your meals. You don’t need to worry about giving up pasta to follow a gluten free diet. You can purchase gluten free noodles or you can use zucchini or squash as veggie noodles and they are perfectly delicious and can be purchased at stores that offer gluten free foods in Atlanta GA.


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