Experience Paris Cuisine in Houston

Have you been to Paris and enjoyed the food and environment they have to offer? Perhaps you have always dreaming at dining at European café? You can have a taste of their delicacy when you search for a creperie in Houston. From Crepes to waffles or even soups and Paninis, you can dine on delicious food when you find a café that offers you the European atmosphere. Whether you are searching for a place for your morning breakfast or want a treat any time of the day. You will feel as if you have been transported to Paris when you select to dine at an eatery that provides the environment of Paris.

What is a Crepes

They are a traditional part of French cuisine, they are made from wheat flour and very thin. The flour batter is cooked in a lightly oiled frying pan and must be quickly spread in the pan to help keep the right thickness of the crepe. They originated in Brittany a region in the west of France and are famous in Europe as they are often found served at carnivals and on the streets of France. Many people can be found eating a crepe on a paper plate in Europe while they take a stroll down the street. They can be served at any meal as an appetizer, main course, or even dessert. You can fill them with a combination of ingredients from meats, cheeses, vegetables, and fruit. From a goat cheese crepe to chicken and roasted vegetable, you can have one any time of the day to satisfy your taste. How about a sweet dessert of a raspberry, Crème Brulee, or even cheesecake to make your taste buds come alive.

Dine Alone or Bring a Friend to Experience a Delectable Meal

Whether you are searching for a nice café to enjoy the cuisine alone or a place for you and a friend, find a place that can provide you with a relaxing atmosphere and delicious food. While you enjoy a tantalizing crepe or waffle, you can sip on a delightful cup of coffee. From a cappuccino to café latte, you will surely find a beverage you will enjoy hot or cold when you dine at a fine eatery that strives to provide you with the European environment. Search for a place that can offer you the unique experience of the finest coffees and crepes in your area.

If you are searching for a creperie in Houston be sure to visit Coco’s Crepes & Coffee. Their friendly staff is ready to serve you some mouthwatering, delectable food and coffee.

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