Hotels Near Stonehenge are Near Many Attractions

Stonehenge is one of the most famous ancient sites in the world. Every year tourists from all over the world flock to southwestern England to see it. For some visitors it’s a mystical quest. For others it’s just a chance to see historic architecture. Whatever a person’s motivation for visiting Stonehenge, it’s hard not to get caught up in the site’s mysterious past. There are a variety of hotels near stonehenge for visitors. Many of these are traditional English countryside hotels that will given foreign tourists a real taste of English culture.

It would be such a mistake if the visitors just drove into the area to see Stonehenge and left. They would be missing out on seeing wonderful attractions such as Highclere Castle, the Museum of Army Flying, Blenheim Place and the Andover Museum of the Iron Age. They would also be missing out on the chance to experience true English hospitality of the staff of hotels near stonehenge. These quaint hotels blend traditional architecture and customs with modern amenities such as high speed wireless internet connections.

The rooms also feature comfortable beds and chairs with color televisions, telephones that guests can use to call their parties directly without going through the hotel switchboard, and coffee machines with supplies. Linens are cleaned daily and bathrooms kept filled with fluffy clean towels. Although these hotels are smaller with an intimate atmosphere, they can still host weddings and conferences. The banquet hall and conference rooms are air conditioned to ensure comfort in the hot weather.

Most of these hotels are located just a short walk from historic English towns. Guests can enjoy a walk through the English countryside to find the perfect pub for a pint of ale. They’ll enjoy picking up souvenirs in the local shops and finding authentic antiques. If they get hungry, they’ll be pleased with the many types of restaurants in the area. They might even hear a ghost story or tale of an unidentified flying object. Hotel staff are knowledgeable about local folklore and can help visitors design their own tours. There are also professional tours with comfortable coaches that cover the wide variety of attractions found in this region of England.

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