Indulge in the Aphrodisiac Qualities of Gourmet Seafood

The joy of indulging in delicious and expertly prepared seafood dishes has been a great part of life in many different cultures over the years. Many of these ancient cultures believed that certain dishes had aphrodisiac qualities that could bring more passion to ones life and could even help with fertility.

The Science Behind Aphrodisiac Rich Seafood Dishes

One of the most recognizable seafood dishes to imbibe in during a great meal at The Sea Fire Grill is a round of fresh oysters. These delicious little ocean treats are also one of the most well known aphrodisiac rich seafood snacks you can find.
It may be a bit hard to believe that they can make you feel more passionate but these shellfish have a trick up their sleeve. They contain zinc which works by ramping up the production of testosterone in the body and is often linked to a more satisfying romantic life.

Adored by many for being a healthy alternative to red meat, the salmon steak also lends a helping hand to diners looking for a boost in the romance department. Because this tasty fish is high in Omega-3 fatty acids, it can help keep happy hormone production at its peak.

Ordering a perfectly cooked lobster for dinner can be a great way to satisfy your taste buds but it can also help bring a little more spice to your life as well.
The tomalley of the lobster that is known to be the real prize with this shellfish. Said to have a particularly romantic effect on men, it is sought after to use in specialty dishes, snacks and as an indulgent condiment.

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