How To Evaluate If Conference Rooms In Napa Will Fit Your Needs

There are so many variables when it comes to configuring conference rooms in Napa and every single facility has its own little quirks when it comes to what it can and cannot accommodate. Most times, these little quirks are tolerable, but if you have exacting needs, they might make a difference in how enjoyable the conference is or how much it is going to cost you in the end. It is unlikely that you will get absolutely everything you desire. Instead, you have to be able to decide what are the most important things and what you can tolerate as being not quite up to your idea of perfection.

For example, room setup is a big variable. You can have the conference rooms in Napa set up like a classroom with tables in front of each participant. This works well if the people are going to be wanting to take extensive notes or refer to a lot of written material, but the rooms will not hold as many people as if it is set up in a conference style with just rows of chairs. If small groups are desired, then setting up round tables where participants group around them might be more your conference style. Also, do you need audiovisual equipment with a screen that allows everyone to see it? Do you need a microphone and speakers or will it be a small enough group that a speaker can present with just his voice? What about a head table where speakers waiting to present can sit in front of the audience or special guests can sit during a banquet or luncheon? Sometimes this is a desirable option; other times it is not necessary and this may be true within the same conference in different sessions and at different events.

It is also good to understand how different audiovisual configurations will work within different sizes of rooms and with different setups. With today’s conference attendees, they may well expect to be wowed with slide shows, fancy videos, and lots of great music. Some conference rooms in Napa may charge to have equipment plugged in to the wall or may require that you hire their workers to set up and take down the required equipment. This can add significantly to the cost of a conference or may discourage presenters from using really great audiovisual options.


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